The 2 Pathways in Life

We are LIVE here in Lincoln, Nebraska on a beautiful, breezy evening at Pioneers Park.

We wanted to reach out to you and Ask a Question that we’ve all Embarked Upon throughout our lives…and that is:

“Have you ever got to a place of reflecting back on your life and thought

  • How the heck did I get here…
  • It’s not even close to what I dreamed my life would look like.

A lot of times we get so bogged down by the boring everyday mundane side of life that we feel like we’re stuck in the weeds and can’t get out of the ditch of life.

And you just end up feeling like your in a lull in life

Then the most Natural Story plays over and over again in the Battle of Your Mind and you can’t help but to say:

We’ll That’s just the way life is…

When we know life is SO alive, vibrant, electric, brilliant, awesome, abundant, exhilarating and Invigorating…

Why is it that we get stuck in life being lethargic, heavy, and in a lull that so

often we replay in the back of our minds that, well, this is all life is…

We’ve been there in that same place. Definitely always looks different but we’ve been there:

  • In Broken Relationships or ones not going anywhere
  • In Broken Job situations
  • In Broken Dreams that didn’t play out.

Guys – what if there was infinitely more in life to experience than what your little eyeballs can see or what you 5 senses can experience?

Well most of you know us but for those that don’t, My Name is Scott Ducker and this is my Wonderful, Awesome, Beautiful bride Julie Ducker.

She literally is a Breath of Fresh Air and I am not just saying that because she’s my wife. It’s because every single person that knows her, says that about her. And now you know the secret of why I married her!!!

Yes! I have been thru a messy divorce, but now I am with the love of my life, Scott.

One who builds me up and brings life to me and my family.

I’ve dealt with pain and health issues but I refused to let it stop me and didn’t allow it to control my life –

I searched and found solutions.

I’ve worked hard and have been loyal to companies where they have told me

they can’t promote me,

they are closing the business or

they didn’t value my work when I rocked it.

But I didn’t let that get me down, I sought abundance and excelled!

I am so fired up and excited to be here today with the best man in my life as we start this new business together.

“What is the purpose of life?”

All of life was created out of abundance and for abundance.

Simply put, the purpose of life is to have the One Chance of Experiencing the:

  • The Fullness
  • The Beauty
  • The Grandeur
  • The Wonderfulness
  • The Awesomeness
  • and The Abundance of all that was created for you to experience.

Each and every one of us is Heading Toward Abundance.

The Only real Core Difference is the Pathway We Choose to get to the Level of Abundance that we think is more important in that moment of time. We all go toward different types of abundance because of:

  • Our Belief System
  • Our Experiences
  • How life was Modeled to us Growing Up by our friends and family.
  • What we think we’ve learned about life

Ultimately this drives our Value System; from there People always go toward

What they Value Unconsciously…

To Compound that, your Internal Value System is always driven by

  • Good Intentions
  • Due Diligence
  • Meaning Well
  • Justifiable Reasoning & Rational

weather Good or Bad…

Which ultimately are the real blinders of life, disillusioning what Real True Abundance of life looks like lived out.

So, what are the only 2 Pathways that everyone follows and everyone knows including ourselves…

Write down what you think…

Take this moment and reflect…

One Pathway is Being a Product of your Circumstances

Predominately Operating in:

Safety – Security – Survival – Territorial – Domineering – Fight or Flight – Returning Evil for Evil instinctive mode

Thinking or saying, after all, that person deserved it – they should know better.

It’s really just our Self Preservation Mode

But Essentially being jockeyed around to and fro, up & down and all around by however the circumstances play-out.

What if we are limiting our lives to the 2-4% of our brain capacity that science says is all we use because all we are predominately driven by the circumstances.

On the flip side what if the other 96-98% of your life is found by coming out of your circumstances.

If you have reflected on these questions then you know there is another pathway…

The Second Pathway is Living a life of Abundance

Where you have power and freedom over being a product of your circumstances.

It is where you allow the aliveness of life to flow through you with a peaceful flow.

This is where the Hotrod’s of life are and is the key to the Abundance of Life.

It is the Ultimate “Avatar” and what story you continually feed it literally and figuratively
determines whether you live a “Life Well Lived” or Not.

This Avatar has the retrofitted abilities to do great, wonderful and all powerful things.

But if handled carelessly and recklessly it:

  • Acts like the animals in self-preservation mode
  • Ends up being a product of it’s Circumstances
  • Becomes the greatest weapon ever formed against itself and against other people

Do you think it’s possible that if you turn the keys of life the other direction you will have a better chance of living a life of no regrets and as if it is your last day to live?

How much and how bad do you want Abundance and Invigoration to flow in your Life? 

OR  Are you willing to continue taking a settle for in life?

  • There is Infinitely more abundance to life than what your eyeballs can see.
  • The Best Part of Your Life is Right in Front of You…regardless of your circumstances.
  • Only thing you have to do is Just Step Towards Abundance and allow it to flow through your life.

We think You All are Abundant and We know that you want to “Live Simply Abundant” just as much as we do.

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One last thing to leave you with:

Imagine when you have gotten really excited about something and you threw your hands up saying

“Yes” – “I did it” – “Yeah!”

Like rooting on your favorite

  • sports team
  • band
  • Race Car Driver

Just something that really got you energized and invigorated, like a

  • New relationship
  • New set of clothes
  • New car
  • New job
  • Had a great work out or lost a bunch of weight

At These times in life you can’t help feeling alive, invigorated and abundant.

We are going to continually bring abundance into your life causing the “I’m Abundant Dance” to pour out of you.

Stay tuned to see what the I’m abundant dance looks like.

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Thank You All so much for spending your time with us:

We Love You and if there’s one Take Away we could give you…it’s this:

Only you know what you will lose if you don’t “Live Simply Abundant!”

Our Challenge for You:

  • Focus on the good things of life
  • Don’t get tricked into being a product of your circumstances
  • Keep your head held high
  • Know you were created to be Awesome
  • And then Don’t forget to have a GREAT day:

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We choose the Pathway of Living a Life of Abundance!

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