Aliveness in the Moment

Hey, hey, ya all! It’s Scott and Julie.  We are in beautiful sunny California.  We started at Huntington Beach, we are at Pismo Beach now and heading to The Bay Area.

Man, honey, all things worked for our good, we landed on this quaint, little, beautiful, perfect cottage at The Inn at The Cove.  They have some hiking, a gorgeous sunset view, and you could get married here if you wanted.  Oh yeah, I gotta put that on my bucket list, I think I want to get married again, here to you.  I’d married you.

Another thing is, right off the coast here, you can watch whales and dolphins with the binoculars they give in the room because there are so many out there.

Anyway, we are meeting with a variety of people, some of our colleagues and we are involved in some intensive abundance and aliveness mastermind groups that we are working with.  We also did some high intensity training on the beach and some yoga, a little hiking and we are going to see some friends.  Yeah, so we have been pretty packed.

All in all, we have been working on some exciting things and we are excited to share with you.

When it comes to living simply abundant, we are all living abundantly.

A simple characteristic is just Aliveness in the Moment.

So, how do you have aliveness in the moment?  Well you don’t have to come to California, Hawaii or Bali but it is nice to experience abundance this way.  Yeah, it is very nice here.  If you guys can’t tell in the background, it is awesome and hopefully the sound is really good.

It’s as simple as being present in the moment and embracing and experiencing what you’re going through, whatever you decide to go through at the time.  I know that’s simple to say and everybody knows that but sometimes we just need to hear it.

The simplicity of just embracing the moment, coming alive in it with excitement and joy; then not being driven by the circumstances to the degree that it controls how you respond, how you interact, and how you walk through your day.  But really more importantly to be focused on what adds value, what adds life to your life, what serves you and other people as well, what brings life to them and value to them.

Yes, so in what ways do you Live Simply Abundant?  We are interested in this conversation, it’s what makes you excited invigorated and makes you come alive AND it is going to change your life!  That’s an affirmative.

So, we are developing the greatest Abundance of Life, The Aliveness of Life Mastermind Community as well as live events that we are getting ready to launch, coming soon and you don’t wanna miss out on these!

We want to hear your thoughts, feelings and input so leave your comments below.

Again, our challenge to you from our previous messages we’ve given is to

  • focus on the good
  • go out with your head held high
  • know that you were created to be awesome
  • try not to get tripped up and tricked into being driven by the circumstances, but be driven by value, by coming alive in abundance and in positive thinking
  • and also, get really excited about today and have a great day; G – R – E – A – T (acronym for Get Really Excited About Today).

Remember, only you know what you will lose if you don’t Live Simply Abundant!

Check out the view, it’s pretty awesome, you will have to come check it out sometime.  Love you guys, see ya!

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